Renal Dialysis Nurses

We are looking for dedicated nurses experienced in renal dialysis to provide quality care to patients in need of dialysis treatment at our multi-specialty medical centre located in Anambra state.

Key Responsibilities

  • Examine and record patients’ vitals before, during, and after dialysis treatment
  • Work with the Dialysis Technicians to ensure that dialysis machines and equipment are set up correctly
  • Ensure hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis treatments are administered to patients correctly
  • Monitor patients during dialysis treatment to identify any adverse reactions
  • Promptly notify the appropriate medical practitioner of any problems that occur during dialysis treatments
  • Prepare and regularly update nursing care plans
  • Educate patients on dialysis treatment options and kidney disease management
  • Educate patients on suitable nutrition and exercise regimens
  • Other tasks and duties as deemed by the organization


  • Must be a registered nurse
  • Must have a current license to practice nursing in Nigeria
  • Having experience with dialysis is an added advantage
  • Ability to multi-task effectively
  • Ability to show care and empathy
  • Good verbal communication and interpersonal skills