Opening Hours

We operate a 24 hour service including public holidays. Our centres work during these times:

  • New Hope Hospital

    Mon-Sun 24 hours
  • Hope Specialist Centre

    Mon-Sun 24 hours
  • Onitsha Diagnostic Centre

    Mon-Sat 8am-5pm
  • New Hope, Okpoko Branch

    Mon-Sat 8am-5pm


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General Health Care

Here in New Hope, we offer general medical services on whatever health issues our patients have. Thanks to our efficient staff and great infrastructure, your health condition can be rightly diagnosed and quickly treated.


Our maternity center is one of the best in town. All you need for your antenatal tests, safe child birth delivery, immunization, postnatal care and family planning is guaranteed with us.


Our laboratory is well stocked with the latest equipment and machines to ensure you always get a correct and thorough result.

Scans and X-Ray

With our 3-D ultrasound scan machine and our digital X-Ray (including mobile x-ray) up and fully functional, you have all you need for thorough imaging of any part of your body


With our dialysis center functional, affordable and efficient, New Hope once again presents you with all you need to keep the kidney functioning well.


Our CT-Scan offers clear and accurate results you need for tests. Its affordability and efficiency makes it patients' and doctors' choice for clear imaging results.

Clinic Rooms
Happy Patients

What our Patients are Saying

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    Wow, New Hope Hospital is the best place to receive complete health treatment services. My stay with them was very satisfying and their excellent health service enabled me have a quick recovery.

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    New Hope Hospital has very committed staffs ready to help you get better, quickly. Their services are the best in town for health care and their prices are highly affordable.

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    Receiving the most caring treatment ever from a health institution summarizes my stay in New Hope Hospital. With very effective machines and highly efficient staff, you can be rest assured that your medical problems will be thoroughly treated.

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